In a recent Tweet, The Fall actress Bronagh Waugh has pledged not to get married until everyone in Northern Ireland has that right.

Patrick Corrigan, spokesperson for the Love Equality campaign for equal civil marriage in Northern Ireland said:

“We really welcome Bronagh Waugh’s strong stand for equal marriage in Northern Ireland. We know that she, like the overwhelming majority of people in Northern Ireland, wants to see our politicians legislate for equal marriage.

 “We were delighted last year when Bronagh Waugh joined 20,000 other people on the huge march for marriage equality in Belfast. Bronagh, like many of us, is clearly impatient for change and has decided to take a further public stand. We really welcome her support for the campaign and we would encourage other public figures from Northern Ireland to speak out.

“Now that Bronagh has pledged not to get married until all couples are able to do the same, we hope that the Assembly won’t keep her – and everyone else – waiting for too much longer.”