A staged equal marriage ceremony will be held on the steps of the Assembly at Stormont today, 22nd May at 1pm to mark the second anniversary of the successful marriage equality referendum in the Republic of Ireland.

The event has been arranged by student activists to celebrate the second anniversary of the referendum but also to highlight to continued denial of equal civil marriage rights in Northern Ireland.

NUS-USI President Fergal McFerran said: “In both Great Britain and the Irish Republic the student movement played significant roles in campaigning alongside others to achieve marriage equality. By coming together today at Stormont, student activists are once again adding their voice to the growing majority in Northern Ireland who demand equality for same-sex couples here.

“This event will hopefully help to highlight the need to advance the rights of LGBT+ people in Northern Ireland, and help to shine a light on the fact that two years after the marriage equality referendum, same-sex couples are still denied equality in Northern Ireland.

“Today’s staged marriage event is a celebration of the love shared by so many couples across Northern Ireland, a love that is denied equal status and recognition in law.

“As a movement we are proud to stand alongside others across civic society to support the Love Equality campaign to see equal civil marriage realised in Northern Ireland.