Love Equality has welcomed today’s IPSOS Mori poll as confirmation of the overwhelming support for Marriage Equality in Northern Ireland. One year after Ireland became the first country in the world to legalise same sex marriage by popular vote the poll carried out by IPSOS Mori found that 70% of respondents believe same-sex couples should be allowed to get married. This has increased from the previous poll in 2015 which indicated 68% supported same sex marriage.

Reacting to publication of the poll Love Equality spokesperson John O’Doherty said: 

 “This poll demonstrates that, not only is there overwhelming support for marriage equality in Northern Ireland, but that support is only increasing over time. It is clear that the people of Northern Ireland agree with us that marriage equality is one of the defining civil rights issues of our time and that it should immediately be made law. 

“Couples in Northern Ireland shouldn’t be forced to travel to other regions for their right to marry. Couples in Northern Ireland who were married in other parts of the UK or Ireland shouldn’t be in a legal limbo because their government refuses to acknowledge their marriages. Marriage Equality is not a fad. It is not going away. 

“Those who continue to prevent marriage equality in Northern Ireland are not going to succeed. All they are doing before its inevitable introduction are merely enacting an injustice against their own citizens and worsening Northern Ireland’s already abysmal reputation regarding LGBT rights.”