Speaking after First Minister Arlene Foster made clear her party’s intentions to block any legislative attempts in the NI Assembly to legalise same-sex marriage, Love Equality spokesperson John O’Doherty has promised that the campaign will continue until marriage equality is secured.

“Opposition to LGB&T equality and equal marriage from the DUP is nothing new and nothing we have not already experienced. The Petition of Concern mechanism has already been used inappropriately to ensure that progress on this issue was stalled but that will not deter the campaign from pressing ahead with our aim.”

“A Private Members Bill drawn up to legislate for the inequality that currently exists in marriage law in Northern Ireland has secured support from MLAs from four different parties, across the political spectrum. MLAs from across the Northern Ireland Assembly will bring forward the legislation to allow for equal marriage despite DUP opposition.”

Patrick Corrigan of Amnesty International Northern Ireland said

“Public support is already behind us on this issue, as it was with the campaigns in the Republic of Ireland, Great Britain and the United States. Opinion polls have shown that public support is around seventy percent in favour of changing the law to allow for same sex marriage so the DUP are on the wrong side of the debate on this issue.”

Cara McCann of Here NI said “Same-sex couples across Northern Ireland have been denied legal and equal recognition of their relationships for too long now. We will continue to run a positive campaign, galvanised by public support and support from the wider community to ensure that marriage equality is achieved in Northern Ireland, regardless of opposition amongst a minority.”

The Love Equality NI campaign is supported by Here NI, The Rainbow Project, Amnesty International NI, NUS-USI, Cara-Friend and the Irish Congress of Trade Unions.