Clare Moore of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, a partner organisation in the Love Equality campaign, today welcomed a report from the United States estimating that the US Supreme Court decision to legalise equal marriage in 2015 was directly linked to a seven percent drop in suicide rates amongst LGB youth.

“This report shows exactly what we have been saying since the beginning of the equal marriage campaign in Northern Ireland. Equal marriage is not just a legislative issue to allow same sex couples to marry, it is about embracing the dignity and respect that LGB&T people are entitled to in society and extending the value we place on opposite sex couples to those who cannot currently marry under the current law in Northern Ireland.”

“We hope that when a new Government is formed they take notice of this and appreciate the importance of LGB&T health and wellbeing and the benefits that equal marriage legislation will have in tackling suicide within Northern Ireland.”

The study, undertaken by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, analysed data from thirty-two US states that had legalised equal marriage between 2004 and 2015 and found that those states had a significant drop in suicide rates amongst LGB youth.

You can read the report here