Dozens of Love Equality representatives have marched for civil marriage equality in Northern Ireland in the annual Belfast Pride parade. This year’s parade took place on Saturday 6 August and following the annual parade, Love Equality volunteers took to Custom House Square to talk to the public about our campaign and what they can do to get involved.

Earlier in the week Love Equality had also hosted a public meeting as part of the Belfast Pride festival to let the public know how they can get involved in leading the campaign for civil marriage equality. Representatives from the Love Equality coalition spoke about the political context that the campaign operates in,  the ongoing court cases going through the legal system and also about the need for public involvement in the campaign.

Rena and Beth Wickham-Thomas spoke on their personal experiences as being a couple in a civil partnership who are currently not afforded the right to marriage, and Love Equality Ambassador Sinéad McCrudden also spoke about why she decided to get involved in the campaign.Sinead resize

Sinéad said: “Until marriage is equalised it remains a privilege. That is unacceptable. Why is my marriage worth more than anyone else’s because I am in a heterosexual relationship? That’s why I got involved, I believe in equality and will continue to campaign for it.”

Claire McLoughlin, Campaigns and Communications Officer for The Rainbow Project said: “The Love Equality campaign does not belong to the six organisations on the coalition, it is a campaign for the people of Northern Ireland. We want the public to feel ownership of this campaign, by providing the support and resources to allow them to do so on our website.Female couple heart web

“The people of Northern Ireland want same sex marriage here- indeed 70% of people across a wide range of demographics now support it according to a recent poll. It is time to make our voices heard and to lobby our elected representatives for change on a local level.”

To find out more about the Love Equality campaign for civil marriage equality in Northern Ireland and to get involved visit