Love Equality, the campaign for Equal Civil Marriage in Northern Ireland expressed their disappointment at today’s judgment on two cases brought forward by Northern Ireland couples to challenge the ban on same sex marriage in Northern Ireland.

Speaking on the Judgment Declan Meehan of Love Equality stated “we are hugely disappointed by today’s rulings. We would like to thank the couples who brought forward these cases for their bravery and leadership.”

“We hope that those engaged in these cases will appeal these decisions and offer our support and thanks.”

Grainne Teggart of the Love Equality campaign stated “Despite this disappointing outcome, we will continue to campaign until same-sex couples are afforded an equal chance at civil marriage. The current laws in Northern Ireland preventing this are discriminatory and belong in the past. It is unacceptable that same sex couples can marry in the rest of the UK, but not in Northern Ireland. We know that the majority of people in Northern Ireland want to live in a country where unequal laws are consigned to the history books. It’s time politicians reflected the will of the people and urgently legislate for equality.”

Clare Moore also of Love Equality stated: “While today’s judgments are disappointing our campaign for full legal recognition of same sex couples in Northern Ireland will not end until we have achieved our goal.”

“While the law has changed throughout these islands the Northern Ireland Assembly has continuously failed to follow the will of the people and of the majority of assembly members in Northern Ireland.”

“During this period of political instability, it is now imperative that the Westminster government takes immediate action to ensure that the rights of LGBT people in the United Kingdom are available for all UK citizens.”