Dublin Pride – 24th August 2017

Love Equality walking in the Dublin Pride parade with Senator David Norris

Love Equality was delighted to take part in the annual Dublin Pride parade on June 24th. For the very first time, the equal marriage campaign in Northern Ireland was represented in a Pride parade in the Republic of Ireland. We took the opportunity to let attendees know about the march for marriage equality happening on July 1st in Belfast and to talk to people about the campaign.

Marriage equality was achieved in the Republic of Ireland in May 2015 when an overwhelming majority of voters approved an amendment to the Constitution that would allow same-sex couples to marry. We were very honoured to have Senator David Norris walk with us during the parade. Senator Norris is a leading LGB&T rights campaigner in Ireland and former Presidential candidate.

Love Equality with Senator Jerry Buttimer (centre)

Jo from Cara-Friend and John from The Rainbow Project with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar TD