Consultation on civil partnership conversions and same-sex religious marriage – closes 23 February 2020 

The NIO have launched their consultation into the conversion of Civil Partnerships to Marriage and same-sex religious marriage. Love Equality are encouraging all organisations and individuals to respond to this consultation, and to help you we have created some supporting documents.

Click here to download the Love Equality draft response to the consultation. 

To respond to this consultation, you have two options:

  1. Love Equality have drafted a response to these consultations available here. You can use this document to respond to the consultation. Review the answers in this document and ensure they reflect what you wish to say – please also complete the monitoring information on PAGE 7 and submit this completed document to
  2. Visit the two links below to complete an online version of this questionnaire – you can use the response by Love Equality to inform your response

If you have any questions or require any further support please contact Gavin or John on 028 9031 9030.