Leading children’s sector organisations and charities in Northern Ireland have added their voices to the calls for equal marriage in Northern Ireland – and are encouraging others to do so.

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“We want to see a society that nurtures all children within all families. Without equality for all children and families this can’t happen.” – Paula Murphy, Family Support Team Leader, Saol Ur SureStart

John O’Doherty, Director of The Rainbow Project and member of the Love Equality consortium said:

“While many of the arguments for equal marriage are based on the rights of same sex couples, we cannot ignore the impact of this inequality on the families and children of same sex couples as well as the direct impact on many of our young people who are LGBT.

“Marriage Equality IS a children’s rights issue, it is a family rights issue and it is an issue of equality. No longer can we tell LGBT young people and their families that they are less than equal – no longer can young people in Northern Ireland face this inequality simply based on their postcode and the refusal of the UK Government to act.

“Three-quarters of people here want to see marriage equality introduced. There has been no devolved government in Northern Ireland for over two years. Responsibility for marriage equality legislation now sits squarely with the UK Government. How much longer do Ministers think LGBT+ people in Northern Ireland should have to wait to be treated equally?”


The Love Equality campaign for equal civil marriage in Northern Ireland is led by the Rainbow Project, Amnesty International, Irish Congress of Trade Unions, Cara-Friend, NUS-USI and HereNI.